Enrolment Information

General Education

As of September 2014 to fulfill the liberal arts & professional studies general education requirements students must take 21 credits of general education from approved list including:

  • 6.0 credits in Natural Science (NATS)A 9.0 credit approved general education course in the social science or humanities categories.
  • And a 6.0 credit approved general education course in the opposite category to the 9.0 credit course in social science or humanities already taken.

All approved general education courses may count for general education credit. Some may count for major credit. None may count as both. A maximum of 36 credits in General Education will count toward the degree. Students who are required to exceed the 36 credit maximum because of program/degree requirements must obtain permission.

Counting A General Education Course Toward Your Law & Society Major

If you choose to count a general education course that is on either the Law & Society CORE or EXTENDED list, towards your major (not as a General Education course) it will count as 6 credits to your Law & Society Major requirements. The remaining 3 credits will count towards the total number of credits for your degree.

  • A maximum of one General Education course may be counted toward the Law & Society program requirements.
  • For additional General Education information follow this link LA&PS General Education Courses.
  • Pre-2014 Please see Law & Society Calendar.

Enrolment in 4000-Level Honours Seminar Courses

Due to very limited space, access to 4000-level Law & Society Honours Seminar courses is reserved for Law & Society majors who have completed the equivalent of 84 credits by the end of the F/W academic term. No exceptions!

If you meet the enrolment requirements for the Honours Seminar courses and are unable to enrol in any of the seminar options online, please contact the LASO Program Coordinator, or the Program Assistant as soon as possible.

Each student is only required to take ONE Honours Seminar as part of the LASO program requirements. The second required 4000-level course can/should come from the Extended list of course offerings. Again, once a course is full, we are not permitted to over-enrol.

Change your major to Law & Society

Change of major online applications will be accepted starting February 1, 2016 to May 1, 2016. Please email laso@yorku.ca to let us know that you have applied.

Students applying to change their major to Law & Society must have a minimum Overall GPA of 5.0. Having a GPA of 5.0 does not guarantee admission as spaces in the program are limited and will be awarded competitively based on GPA.

We will be reviewing all requests to transfer into Law & Society in mid-May, once final grades are released. At that time, if your request is successful, we will be advised to set up an advising appointment.

As noted above, Law & Society is an Honours only degree therefore students must have a minimum Overall GPA of 5.0 to stay in the program as well as achieve C+ grade in AP/SOSC 2350 6.0

Law & Society does not offer a 90 credit BA. It is an Honours degree only.