Other Law Related Programs

York University

M.A. in interdisciplinary studies permits students to propose and complete courses and a thesis which, depending on their interests, can link law with other areas. Students must complete a first degree before admission. Further information: Faculty of Graduate Studies, Room N914, Ross Building, 416-736-5607.

Graduate Diploma in Justice System Administration: This program of study allows students in appropriate graduate programs at York University to specialize formally in the area of Justice System Administration, and to be awarded a Graduate Diploma in Justice Administration. The Diploma is awarded concurrently with the Master's or Doctoral Degree for which the student is registered. Students can only receive the Diploma if they successfully complete their graduate degree program. The program is geared to students who aspire to leadership positions in the justice system. For more information contact Ian Greene, 133 McLaughlin College.

Osgoode Hall Law School: (the Faculty of Law) admits one in ten applicants for three years of full-time study leading to the LL.B. degree. Most applicants have an undergraduate degree before entry and all applicants must write the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) given several times each year. Further information: Osgoode Hall Law School Admissions Office, 416-736-5712.

In order to practice law in Ontario, a law school graduate must article for one year with a lawyer or government law department, and complete a further four months of training and practice-related courses given by the Law Society of Upper Canada. For further information from the Law Society office in Toronto, 416-947-3300.

A Certificate in Practical Ethics may be earned by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies students, in addition to their undergraduate degree. Information available from Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Room S428, Ross Building.

A General Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies may be earned by Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies students. There is a graduate diploma program in refugee and migration studies. Information available from the Centre for Refugee Studies, 322 York Lanes.