Advising and Student Support

No appointment is necessary during posted advising periods. During high enrolment periods, please check our website frequently for additional advising times.

Prepare for your advising session:

  • Bring a copy of your unofficial transcript, or record of courses taken.
  • Fill-in degree program checklist. You may use the appropriate checklist provided in this book, or you may download a checklist from the program website. Bring to your advising appointment.
  • Prepare your questions in advance of your appointment.

Social Science Student Advisor

For an appointment, please call:  416-736-5054. Student advisor can:

  • assist continuing students throughout their academic career in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
  • assist with General Education enquires
  • assist if your grades have fallen below Honours Standing (5.0 GPA) C+ average overall

Law & Society does not offer a BA (90-credit degree).  It is an Honours degree only.

Student Responsibility

Academic advising is a shared responsibility between you the student and the advisor.

As a student you are to accept full ownership for all decisions.  Academic Advisors will assist you by presenting options. Become knowledgeable of and adhere to institutional policies, procedures and requirements.

It is important for students to recognize their responsibility to familiarize themselves with the academic policies, procedures and requirements published each year in the Undergraduate Calendar. They must continually monitor their progress toward graduation and for their academic choices. Students are recommended to use the online Degree Progress Report.

 Students are expected to:

  • ensure the courses they choose meet all requirements for graduation;
  • ensure the courses they choose meet prerequisites and are not course credit exclusions of other courses already taken;
  • ensure the times of the courses they choose do not conflict;
  • ensure the accuracy of their registration records, including all changes;
  • note and observe deadlines and procedures, especially deadlines for adding and dropping courses;
  • ensure full documentation is provided in support of petitions and other requests for special consideration;
  • keep themselves informed about their academic progress, including their performance in individual courses;
  • ensure they are familiar with the University Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities;
  • ensure they understand University Academic Integrity provisions.

It is also recommended that students become familiar with the broad range of information and services available through the LA&PS website. This site has a great deal of information on the matters listed above, but also provides useful links to services such as Web enrolment, Student Client Services in the Division of Students and Student Community and Leadership Development and Faculty-affiliated colleges.

Please remember that advising is a shared relationship between you and the advisor. Advisors can explain policies and regulations or offer academic options. However, you must accept final responsibility for the decisions you make regarding your academic program and standing. In the end, the best way for you to succeed and keep your academic options open is to study hard and achieve good grades!

Hounours Degree BA

Law & Society does not offer a BA (90-credit degree).  It is an Honours degree only.

 Students must maintain Honours Standing in order to continue in, and graduate from, the program.

Graduation requirement: students must successfully complete (pass) at least 120 credits which meet the Faculty's degree and program requirements with a cumulative grade point average of at least 5.00.

Honours Standing

5.0 GPA (C+ average)

If you fall below Honours Standing, you will no longer be eligible for the Law & Society Program. 

Please contact Advising in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional for a "Back Up Plan" or "Plan B".

If you do not have Honours Standing by the 90th credit, students will need to petition to re-enter an Honours program.