Jane Banfield Prize

An annual book prize will go to the student majoring in Law & Society who achieves the best academic record in Social Science 2350 6.0 for the academic year.

Jan Banfield was the founder of the Law & Society Program at York over 30 years ago. She is often credited with saying that "it would be a mistake to leave the study of law to the lawyers". It is upon this sentiment that the mandate of the LASO program has grown to, 1) affirm the intellectual importance of the study of law in/as culture, 2) to provide an interdisciplinary framework to explore a range of socio-legal relations, and 3) to sharpen our appreciation of law as part of our daily lives.

C. Jane Banfield Prize

Alina Dyatlova (2015)
Daniel Fridmar ((2013)
Shelby Fenster (2011) received $200 from York University Bookstore Gift Certificate funded by the Law & Society Program
Ashley Naipaul (2010)
Bobbi-Jo Marshall (2010)
Nora Kharouba (2009)
Tarnbir Chauhan (2009)
Mary Bakoias (2008)
Karina Pogosyan (2008)
Aaron Weinroth (2007)
Rosemary Cosentino (2006)
Mariana Zhabokritsky (2006)
Aaron Weinroth (2006)
Danielle Corredato (2005)
Danielle Prevedel (2005)
Rebecca Proctor (2005)
Maria-Antoinetta Alfano (2004)
Sabrina Fiorellio (2003)
Aessandro Longo (2002)
Evelyne Kostanka (2002 honourable mention)
Jame Pedro (2001)

The Law & Society Award

Given to the student with the highest GPA going into 4th year.

Law & Society Award Recipients

Fiidmar, Daniel (2015)
Chen Jia (2015)
Joseph Palmieri (2013)
Teresa McGee (2011) received $250 funded by the Professors of the Law & Society Program
Hiam Kogiashvili-Amar (2010)
Sezar Bune (2009)
Mikaila Greene (2008)
Marie Morgan (2007)
Rebecca Proctor (2006)
Marie Morgan (2006)
Anthony Kevins (2005)

Law & Society Honours Prize

Awarded to a fourth-year major who demonstrated overall excellence in an Honours Seminar. Students will be nominated by their professor who will provide a statement indicating reasons why the student is deserving. In years where more than one student is nominated, the Student Awards Committee will determine the recipient.

Law & Society Honours Prize

Sharon Henry (2013)
Rachel Mok (2013)
Josie Vaccaro (2011) received $200 York University Bookstore Gift Certificate funded by Law & Society Program
Masouda Baryole (2010)
Mikaila Greene (2009)


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