Undergraduate Program

What will my degree do for me?

Research confirms that employers are looking for graduates who have employability skills. The employability skills acquired through an undergraduate university program in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies are academic skills, such as, research, writing and thinking; personal management skills, such as time management; and teamwork skills which are developed daily through group interaction.

Some other transferable stills acquired through an undergraduate university program are learning and thinking: coping with new ideas and unfamiliar material; thinking creatively; and an increased ability to pursue education and training.


Writing reports and essays, expressing ideas clearly and logically; making presentations to groups explaining ideas or results of research work; interviewing others for information.

Critical Thinking

Evaluating arguments and research data critically; making sound judgements based on research and data analysis; supporting decisions with statistics and facts.


Identifying and locating sources of information; gathering, analyzing and interpreting data to support or reject proposals; compiling ideas and facts in a clear, organized and logical manner.


Identifying resource materials necessary to the solution of the problem; planning and organizing work leading to the solution of the problem.

Personal Management

Learning in a variety of settings; exposure to a wide range of perspectives and being able to understand more than one side of an issue.

Time Management

Working effectively under pressure; setting and meeting study and research objectives; managing time in order to meet multiple demands, meeting deadlines for papers and reports.